Become a non-denominational minister through the Alliance of Divine Love and experience service in a whole new way.


We perform weddings, unions, blessing ways, and family ceremonies of all kinds. Call today to book us for your event.


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We are affiliated with the Alliance of Divine Love.  All the joy, peace, and happiness that you have ever felt is Divine Love. In creating you, it found one of its greatest joys, and it now seeks to draw you closer to itself. It’s constant drawing of you closer to Itself is called spiritual development. Through this process, you will be led to happiness and degrees of Love beyond your wildest visions.

The Alliance of Divine Love, Inc. (ADL) was legally formed upon the earth to aid in Divine Love’s process of mankind’s spiritual development. It is a channel for workers and guides from the Organization of Light to present higher teachings from realities beyond earth. ADL workers on the earth plane are carefully chosen to be helpers of the Organization of Light.

Playful Roots Yoga Ministry was created under an alliance to provide yoga and yoga based therapy from birth through the golden years. The ministry keeps its programs going through donations so that dedicated students from all economic backgrounds can gain the benefits of health and natural healing. To truly love and accept ourselves exactly as we are is the single most powerful healing experience any of us can have. Cecile Lanao and Tiya Keyze are dedicated to connecting hearts, homes, and families in finding a calmer and happier space.


Our Mission

The Alliance of Divine Love attracts, trains and supports ministers to counsel, heal, teach and contribute to those in need and those "seeking to awaken to their higher consciousness as they are divinely guided."