Playful Roots Yoga is  a 501c(3) Charitable nonprofit non-denominational ministry, our mission is to connect the community with options for a healthy and sustainable life style. We do this in a number of ways through yoga programs, spiritual counseling, healing art services, wellness based workshops, and hosting festivals to bring all the healthy and sustainable options together in your local community. All of our programs and festivals are donation based so everyone can join in on the fun and those who have been gifted with abundance can continue to assist us in keeping it affordable to everyone. We are so grateful to those who have supported us over the years and those who will support us in the future.

Your support will help in growing invaluable experiences through programs and festivals guiding all age children and families to a deeper awareness of self and compassion for others.

While getting in touch with our physical as well as our emotional and spiritual bodies, we provide education for new parents and families. By offering various workshops and lectures that address common issues related to pregnancy, early childhood parenting and family dynamics, we illustrate how to cultivate ease in this complicated world. 

It is our blessing to share our 4 part philosophy for a Sacred Life.

BREATHE consciously. It is the easiest way to control the body and mind.
LOVE yourself first.
It will make every relationship you have stronger.
GIVE with an open heart to everyone around you.
It is the footprint you leave on earth.
CONNECT peacefully with each other.
It is through a life of conscious breathe, self love, and gracious giving that we will truly connect to all energies & beings.


Meet the Team

Playful Roots Wellness Team is dedicated to being the Light we wish to see in the world by serving the community through holding space and creating space for Yoga, Meditation, Art, mindful living workshops, wellness events, Juicing and so much more. We love to collabrate and are always looking for new ways to connect. Just reach out to us if you would like to be apart of our wellness team.


Tiya Christina

Founder & Minister

Tiya is in service as an Ordained Non-Denominational Minister, Ct. 200h Yoga teacher, Ct. Children Yoga Teacher, Conscious Breathe Specialist, and Ct. Reiki Master.


Michael Preis

Vice President

Michael Joined our team in 2015. He has a deep passion for service and building  strong healthy community programs. He studies Yoga, Breath work and enrgy healing.  

Cecile Lanao

Founder & Minister

Cecile is a Ordained Non-Denominational Minister with the Alliance of Divine Love, 200 hour certified Sivananda & Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Conscious Birthing Teacher, and Doula. 

Our Mission

Playful Roots Yoga is a 501c(3) Charitable nonprofit non-denominational ministry. Our mission is whole body wellness through connecting the community with options for a healthy and sustainable life style.