safe for all stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth can be great emotional, heart opening experiences. The psychological and physical aspects can’t be separated. Yoga is especially beneficial during this time because it allows a woman to develop physically, mentally and spiritually. This class can lead all pregnant women to a calmer, happier place. Students are encouraged to nurture and open their bodies throughout every stage of pregnancy. Our prenatal yoga class is specifically designed to increase flexibility, circulation and balance as well as minimize common ailments such as back pain, stiff muscles, and insomnia. Mom’s who practice yoga during pregnancy have greater strength and stamina, which is often needed during labor, birth and motherhood. 60 min class

for all stages of pregnancy

Move through your birth with better awareness and confidence, learn partner poses and mantras to prepare you and your partner for the transformative experience of watching your child be born. Expectant moms and dads will learn to prepare their bodies through movement, breath, and meditation. Honor the power that exists within both of you……

Connect with your partner and baby through asanas to help open, strengthen, and relax your bodies. Helps you to stay present and aware for this amazing time in your lives. 45 min class

6 weeks to crawlers

A comfortable, supportive environment where moms can meet other women, enjoy special times with their babies, and experience the benefits of yoga. These classes have their own special rhythm. Moms and babies bond and bend, do a bit of massage and exercises for the baby, there is some breathing and toning, an we end with a yoga lullaby to help calm the babies for their trip home. A yoga practice at this time can dramatically help in metabolizing all the change a new mother faces. This class is designed to get new moms strong physically and emotionally while remaining close to their new babies. 45 min class

toddlers ready to grow and blossom

A yoga journey is created that helps children to better understand the energy flow of their bodies. We will use a story to set a theme for the class, as well as a story that focuses on the importance of love, generosity, peace and friendship. Poses are named for animals as well as other postures that mimic objects or people. Yogic lessons in creativity, self-acceptance, positive thinking, personal & environmental awareness and fun, offer you and your kids positive tools for your everyday lives.

We found that children enjoy yoga when introduced in a fun theme, with games and activities. By the end of class, they are ready to relax and enjoy the day with a whole new perspective. Imagine a future where children grow up knowing the power of ease, grace, and love of who they are! 30 min class

ages 4-10

This class gives children the chance to learn, hear and play with yoga. We go through yoga postures, yoga games and breathing techniques. This class is fun, creative and opens the heart and mind. Designed to be inspiring, connecting and playful, in ways that supports the growth of mind, body, and spirit. You will find a unique blend of yoga, sound healing, breath work and aromatherapy, all supporting the growth of our children. Our classes are great for prompting focus, managing stress, emotions, and self-confidence. 45 min class

ages 13-18

Teen Yoga is geared towards 13 +, walks through 15 postures, 3-4 breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. This class can benefit and support their strength, flexibility and balance improving all other sports or activities.  Also they will have a platform for discussing the pressures of being a teen and moving through with ease and peace. This class is not only good for the body, mind soul connection; it is another place where our kids can build confidence, self-awareness and responsibility in their ability to make healthier choices in life. 45 min class

open to everyone

An uplifting, fun, and challenging class that builds strength, endurance, increases flexibility, and improves range of motion. This class is accessible to all levels of practice. We focus on coordination of breath and movement, and “honoring the wisdom of the body” — and work according to the limits of individual flexibility and strength. Students learn to focus on the physical and psychological reactions that arise in various postures, tuning in to awareness of mind, body, emotion and spirit. We are inspired to help others truly benefit from the sense of well being that yoga provides, and discover the peace and joy that yoga can bring to their everyday lives. 60 min class

65 and older

This class is designed so that seniors can safely participate at their level of comfort. As a result seniors become more involved and engaged because they begin feeling better. These classes typically start out sitting on the floor or in a chair breathing slowly and fully in and out of their nose.  We lead our class through a series of physical exercises and stretches depending on the student’s health status and abilities. Energizing, healing, relaxing, and fun; this class is great for seniors and beginners as it is a slower moving class while still offering a challenge and focuses on breathing, flexibility, and increased range of motion. A great opportunity to restore your energy both physically and mentally. 45 min class